Marketing Glossary


Advertising is a key marketing tool used to reach potential customers. It involves using paid-for promotional messages, typically through traditional media (e.g. newspapers, radio, TV), online media (e.g. websites, social media), and out of home (e.g. billboards and posters).

The aim is to persuade people to buy a particular product or service, by communicating its features, functions and benefits. Advertising is used to draw attention to new products, reinforce existing brands and drive sales. It can be used to build relationships and loyalty with existing customers, or to form new relationships with potential customers.

Advertising can be used to influence the behaviour of consumers, and can be used to target specific market segments, where messages are tailored to appeal to that group. It can also be used to increase brand recall and drive engagement.

Ultimately, the success of an advertising campaign depends on the messaging and its ability to connect with the intended audience.