What does Billboard mean in marketing terminology?


A billboard is an outdoor advertising space which is typically found along both sides of busy roads, particularly in metropolitan areas or near heavily populated areas. They are a type of out-of-home or out-of-store (OOH/OOS) advertising and are used to promote products and services to potential customers who are driving or walking past.

Typically, a billboard consists of a large board upon which an advertisement is mounted. The structure is designed to be eye-catching and able to be seen from a distance, with bold colours, images and text. The most successful billboards tend to convey a single, simple idea. One of the most important aspects of creating an effective billboard is that it needs to be large enough to be read from a distance, and small enough to fit the available space.

Location is key when it comes to billboard advertising. The best sites for billboards will be in busy thoroughfares which offer the most views, or along routes where your target audience is likely to pass by, such as those near schools, shopping centres, evening entertainment venues, and busy public transport routes. Billboards are important in major towns and cities, especially those which attract high levels of tourism, as they provide an effective, long term form of advertising which can be seen by all.

The size and location of the billboard will depend on a number of factors, including how far away the target audience you wish to reach will be, the level of traffic in the location, whether your message will be visible at night, and the size and shape of the site you have chosen. Billboards are available in a range of sizes, and you should use the most suitable for your needs.

Cost is often an important consideration when choosing a billboard, as it can be an expensive form of advertising. The cost of the billboard will depend on its size, location and type, with some billboards costing hundreds or even thousands of pounds per month, or even more. Billboard companies may offer discounts to those who book a billboard for a longer term, or place their advertisement in multiple billboards. Additionally, some companies will rent out their billboard, giving a discounted cost to those who are able to cover multiple locations.

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Before you can place a billboard advertisement, you will need to obtain any necessary permits and permissions from the local authority or billboard owners. These permits may vary in cost depending on the location of the billboard, and the type of advertisement being placed on it. Permits will be required for all forms of outdoor advertising and will usually have to be renewed on a regular basis.

When creating an advertisement for a billboard, there are some key rules which you will need to consider. To ensure the advertisement is successful, you should focus on only one message, making sure that it is clear and easily readable. The ideal advert should include one main image, and no more than four words. The text should be in a readable font, and the colours and font size should be chosen to stand out from other adverts or background elements. Additionally, the board should be in good condition and free of graffiti or any other markings which might detract from the message.

In addition to the design of your advertisement, you will also need to ensure the placement of the billboard is effective. The billboard should be placed high enough that it can be seen from the road and clearly be visible to the target audience, but low enough that it won't be distracting or cause an obstruction. Additionally, the position of the billboard should be checked regularly to make sure it is in the best position to attract the attention of the desired audience.

Creating an effective billboard advertisement requires a great deal of thought and consideration. Taking the time to choose the right materials, location and message for your billboard will ensure that your advertisement reaches the intended audience and resonates with potential customers. Billboards are a powerful form of advertising which, if used correctly, can be a very effective way of generating brand awareness and driving sales.