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Newsjacking | Marketing Glossary


Newsjacking is a term typically used to refer to the practice of taking advantage of current news topics - or ‘newsjacking’ - to promote a brand or product.

Brand evangelist

A brand evangelist is someone who is a passionate supporter of a particular product or service.

Brand evangelist | Marketing Glossary


Monetising refers to the process of turning a product or an idea into monetary value.

Monetising | Marketing Glossary


Personalisation is a cornerstone of modern marketing.

Personalisation | Marketing Glossary

Pop up store

A pop-up store is an innovative way to market and promote a business or brand.

Pop up store | Marketing Glossary

Website navigation

Website navigation is the process of finding the right content and resources on a website in the most efficient way possible.

Website navigation | Marketing Glossary

Marketing assets

Marketing assets are any pieces of content or materials that could be used to communicate a message to potential customers.

Marketing assets | Marketing Glossary
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