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Knocking copy | Marketing Glossary

Knocking copy

Knocking copy is a type of persuasive copywriting that is designed to criticise competitors or the competition in general in order to advertise your own product or service.

Keep-out pricing

Keep-out pricing is a marketing strategy used by companies to deter their competitors from entering the market or to defend their current market share.

Keep-out pricing | Marketing Glossary

Launch party

A launch party is an event designed to mark the public introduction of a new product or service to the world.

Launch party | Marketing Glossary

Sales reps

Sales reps (sometimes known as sales representatives or field sales) are individuals that are employed by companies in order to boost their chances of selling products or services.

Sales reps | Marketing Glossary

Product sample marketing

Product sample marketing is a promotional tactic that uses physical samples of a product in order to generate interest and increase sales.

Product sample marketing | Marketing Glossary


Interactivity, in the marketing context, is defined as the process of allowing two or more parties to communicate easily, both actively and passively, with each other.

Interactivity | Marketing Glossary


A franchise is a business model which allows the franchisor (the business owner who holds the ‘franchise’) to let others, the franchisees, to use their business model, brand, trademark and commercial symbol.

Franchise | Marketing Glossary
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