What does Copywriting mean in marketing terminology?


Copywriting is the process of creating persuasive text which is intended to encourage the reader to act – be it to buy something, request more information, or sign up for an email newsletter. Careful consideration must be given to the way the text is written; research into the prospective audience and utilising the right keywords, tone and style can all help to create an engaging, effective piece of copy.

At the core of copywriting lies a fundamental understanding of the unique needs of the target audience – what they are looking for, their thoughts, anxieties, and expectations. A copywriter should take the time to identify and research a number of relevant topics, to gain a greater understanding of the buyer's journey, and then create content which resonates with readers.

Before focusing on the writing, a good copywriter will explore other aspects of the project to ensure that their writing is as effective as possible. If possible, they should familiarise themselves with the company’s branding and style, so that any changes to the words used are still in line with the overall message of the business. If visuals are going to be used, such as videos or graphics, then it is important to make sure that the copy compliments them – not only providing evidence to back up the claims made, but also ensuring that the text works well with the visuals.

Once this is done, the copywriter can begin the painstaking process of crafting the perfect copy. Before they can get to this stage however, they must have a well thought out concept in place. To begin, they should write down a few core ideas that they want to communicate in order to build up a structure or basis for the overall concept. Once the main points have been established, the writers must move to the tone and manner of their writing. This can range from the heavy, authoritative tone preferred by law firms, to the relaxed, laconic writing style favoured by youth-oriented brands.

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The copy should flow smoothly from start to finish, and should be well-structured, clear, and direct. Additionally, the copywriter must ensure that their text stands out; this can be done by writing engaging, unique sentences and paragraphs, and creating clever analogies and metaphors to emphasise their message.

Using language which is easy to understand is important too; the writer should think like their main target customer, and use their own language, as this will create a connection between them.

Finally, throughout the writing process, the copywriter must make sure to incorporate the correct keywords. These keywords are essential for search engine marketing, and should appear in the primary headers, throughout the body text, and in the meta descriptions too.

In summary then, copywriting is a complex, multi-faceted process which goes far beyond simply churning out words. By understanding the target audience, researching the company, and skillfully weaving in the correct keywords, a good copywriter can create powerful and effective pieces of copy which make an undeniable impact.