What does Link checker mean in marketing terminology?

Link checker

A link checker is an essential tool available to marketers that allows them to see where their website’s internal and external links are pointing and ensure they are working properly. It may also be referred to as a link tester, and it is used to analyse the structure and navigation of a website, as well as to check the authenticity of websites where links are being redirected.

Link checkers are quite simple to use. All a site owner or manager needs to do is enter the URL of their website into the checker’s interface, and the tool will then scan the site and report back on the link’s health. It will generally report back on several factors such as link validity (i.e. if it is pointing to a page that is still live or not), link destination (i.e. the page or site the link is pointing to) and the link’s anchor text (i.e. the text of the link itself).

The first and most important thing to keep in mind when using a link checker is that it should only be used to check the actual status and validity of the links it is reporting on. It should not be used to determine the exact page-level content or to make any changes to the links themselves.

For any issue that would impact on user experience, the link checker can provide a great starting point to identify and rectify any broken links quickly, or to implement redirects where necessary. These redirects are important to ensure users are pointed in the right direction, and when a user clicks on a particular link in the future, they will be taken to the intended page or site.

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The link checker should also be used to monitor existing link architecture, which helps to make sure that the website is easy for both users and search engines to navigate. Link checking tools make it easier to locate any broken or faulty links and also to ensure that anchor text/context is appropriate and concise. These details should all line up with what the user expects to find when they click on the link, and they should not be artificially manipulated.

It is important to remember that link checkers are only able to check links at the time they are checked, so they should be run on a regular basis to ensure that any broken links are noticed and rectified promptly. The link checker should also ensure that any external links are checked regularly to ensure that they remain valid and pointing in the right direction.

A link checker is a valuable tool for any website owner or manager to check the validity, integrity and usability of their site’s internal and external links. It is important to keep a number of factors in mind when using this type of tool, such as using it only to check the status of the links and not to change the links themselves. It is also important to use the link checker on a regular basis, to keep track of any broken or faulty links and to check external sites for link validity. When used correctly, this type of tool can go a long way to improving the overall user experience and helping to maintain a valid and efficient website.