What does Wireframe mean in marketing terminology?


Wireframe is a design tool used by marketers and developers to create the shell of a website to be fleshed out later on. As the name suggests, this shell resembles a bare-bones frame, outlining the general appearance, layout and functionality of the website. The goal of a wireframe is to help UI/UX designers, marketers and other stakeholders determine the best way to structure a website or web application.

Wireframing offers an advantage over creating a full design right away as it helps prevent scope creep, ensures consistency of UX, and makes it easy to address any potential issues in the early stages of designing an application. By starting with a wireframe, designers can create prototypes quickly and show stakeholders the most essential elements of the application layout and design. Clients can then provide feedback and the team can refine the design accordingly.

On a technical level, wireframes are usually coded using HTML5, which is the standard markup language for displaying web content on the internet. This web content can then be styled and displayed using CSS3 and JavaScript.

When it comes to designing a wireframe, there are no hard and fast rules, as every website will have its own specific requirements and design elements. However, there are some guidelines that should be followed to ensure that the wireframe is effective.

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Firstly, think about the user journey – what will a visitor to the website need to do to get the information they want? How can you make this journey as smooth and efficient as possible?

For example, how will visitors navigate around the site? What do they need to know in order to complete their goals? Is there any hierarchy that needs to be taken into account? This will help you determine which elements will form the core of the website.

Secondly, decide on the basic layout of the website. Will the website use a standard three-column layout or will it be more of a single-column design with multiple modules stacked on top of each other? By understanding the overall layout of the website, you can then think about where interactive elements such as buttons and links should be placed.

Thirdly, consider the visual elements of the website. What colour scheme do you want to use? Which images and icons will you include? How will content be formatted and displayed? All the visual elements of a wireframe can be refined later on in the design process, but considering them as early as possible in the wireframe can help speed up the development process.