What does Junket mean in marketing terminology?


A junket is essentially a trip taken by the media to promote a product or service. It is usually funded by the company that stands to benefit from the coverage generated by the trip. It is a popular marketing tool as it gives the media a chance to experience the product firsthand and can provide a more detailed, firsthand account to its readers.

As the cost of these trips can be high, it is important that they are managed well and that they are successful in terms of generating positive publicity. Here are the guidelines and best practices to keep in mind when planning a junket.


The location needs to be chosen carefully. It should be somewhere that will be inherently interesting and exciting to people who read your stories. It should also be a place that is relevant to your product or service. If you are promoting a film about a certain country, for instance, consider hosting your junket there.

Accommodation and Activities

Your junket should include high-quality accommodation, as media represent prestigious publications and will appreciate the extra goodwill. You should also construct an itinerary that is filled with activities that the media can enjoy. These should reflect the product or service you are promoting in some way.


You should provide briefings that give an accurate description of the product or service and its advantages. This will allow the media to gain an insight into your product and should also help to avoid any potential embarrassment.

Press Kits

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Press kits should be supplied to the media both before and during the trip. These should include background information, photographs, and other collateral that will make it easier for media to write good stories.


The invite that is sent out needs to be compelling and memorable. It should provide all the relevant information, such as the dates, location and what the media can expect on their trip.


At the junket, there should be plenty of opportunities for networking. The media should be able to meet key people from your company and any other organisations that are participating. This will help to create an informal and relaxed atmosphere, where relationships can be built and maintained.

Press Events

You should consider holding press events at the junket. These could include presentations, Q&A sessions, dinners or other activities that would be of interest to the media.


Finally, make sure that you provide decent catering throughout the junket. This can be a key factor in producing positive publicity, so make sure that you offer a wide variety of tasty food from different cuisines.