What does Tentpole content mean in marketing terminology?

Tentpole content

Tentpole content is a marketing buzzword that refers to a flagship content marketing strategy designed to act as the core of an advertising program. It is content that supports a products’ or a service’s purpose and is used to attract and engage an audience. Primarily, tentpole content is used to increase brand awareness and establish brand identity.

The goal of tentpole content is to focus on the target customer and communicate key messages. Tentpole content is granted a lot of resources, including budget, and can include both paid and unpaid content. It is planned ahead and is used as the anchor of a strategy to ensure continuity and a long-term plan. It helps marketers develop uniform messaging across various platforms and channels.

The first step in developing tentpole content is to identify the target customer. A thorough customer profile will include data points like gender, age, geographical location, and level of education. This customer profile will allow marketers to determine which channels and platforms are best to reach that customer. Once the target customer has been established, marketers should consider the goal of their message and what emotion it will invoke. This can include brand awareness, other customer actions, for instance, buying a product, or informing about new offerings.

The next step is to develop the content. Marketers should focus on creating compelling stories to deliver their message. The content should be designed with the audience in mind and should be engaging enough to make them to act. With tentpole content, it is best to use visuals like videos, photos, and animations, instead of bland marketing copy. Additionally, marketers should pay close attention to the words they are using. They should use language that resonates with their target audience and should avoid technical jargon.

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That said, the key to successful tentpole content is to connect with customers on both a cognitive and emotional level. Marketers should ensure that their content conveys the right message to make their target audience feel invested in the brand. Additionally, it should be original, high-quality, and authentic.

When it comes to dissemination, the content should be distributed strategically on the right channels. This includes both the use of free and paid channels. Social media, native advertising, influencers, and email marketing are some of the most effective channels for tentpole content. Generally, tentpole content should be distributed over a long timeline, as opposed to a singular event launch. This will allow for multiple touch points and will give the content time to grow.

Lastly, tentpole content should be monitored and analysed to ensure the intended goal is being achieved. Measuring metrics such as the number of impressions, likes, shares, comments, and engagement rate should be done regularly. Marketers should analyze the results and make changes if needed. Additionally, it is important for marketers to use business intelligence (BI) technologies to refine their campaigns and ensure maximum reach.

Tentpole content is an effective marketing strategy when done correctly. It allows brands to communicate their messages, while connecting emotionally with the customer. By following the steps outlined above, marketers can create powerful, attention-grabbing content that will help to boost brand awareness and gain the loyalty of customers.