What does RankBrain mean in marketing terminology?


RankBrain is an AI system developed by Google to help improve their search results. It was first introduced in October 2015 and uses machine learning algorithms to interpret search queries and refine its responses. The goal of RankBrain is to provide users with more relevant results based on their query.

RankBrain helps Google process and understand searches by recognizing patterns in how people search and how they interact with search results. Google uses RankBrain to better interpret search queries by understanding how each component of a search query interacts with each other. For example, if you enter a search query like “best restaurant in Seattle,” Google can now understand that you want a list of the best restaurants in Seattle and not a list of restaurants in Seattle in general.

RankBrain works by studying the past search behaviour of users and looking for patterns. It uses a series of complex algorithms to try and predict what results are most relevant for each query. Google looks at the types of words used as well as the context of the search to determine the most appropriate results. Google also looks at the past web behaviour of visitors from sites similar to the one the user is querying. For example, if a user searches for “best restaurants in Seattle,” Google will look at the past web behaviour of people who have visited sites related to “best restaurants in Seattle”.

RankBrain isn't the only way that Google determines what's relevant for a query. It works alongside other systems, such as its search algorithms, to provide users with the best results. Google also uses hundreds of other factors to determine what will be the best results for any given query, such as page titles, page content, page loading speeds, page layout and structure, use of keywords, and more.

RankBrain is a powerful tool that Google can use to continually refine its search results. It takes into account the user's past behaviour as well as the current search query in order to determine what are the most relevant results for that particular query.

RankBrain can also help webmasters create websites that will appear higher in search rankings. By understanding the user’s behaviour, the type of content people are looking for, and how the website is laid out and structured, webmasters can optimise their websites knowing that they’re catering to Google’s latest ranking system.

There are several things that webmasters should do to prepare their websites for RankBrain:

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• Make sure that the content of your website is relevant to the queries that people are likely to search.

• Focus on creating quality content that appeals to the users’ interests, rather than creating content that is simply stuffed with keywords or focused on getting clicks.

• Make sure that the page titles and page descriptions accurately describe the content on the page.

• Make sure that the website loads quickly and is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices.

• Use keywords sparingly and make sure that they’re used in context throughout the content.

• Keep all elements of the website up-to-date, including meta tags and page information.

• Use link building tactics to build your website’s authority, such as building links from other relevant sites, as well as engaging in social media outreach to build brand awareness.