What does Podcast mean in marketing terminology?


Podcasting is one of the latest and most popular forms of media with the ability to reach an ever-growing audience. In general, a podcast is a series of audio-based episodes, given out either as a download or stream, which you can listen to on your computer, mobile device, or over the internet.

A podcast is very similar to a radio show, but instead of just coming on at a certain time each week, a podcast can be accessed at any time, through an online platform such as iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher. As with radio, you can listen to a podcast whenever and wherever you want.

But what makes podcasting different from other audio-based content is the very personal nature of the medium. It’s almost like a one-to-one conversation between the podcaster and the listener. This is why it has become popular with those looking to learn something new, or become more engaged with certain topics.

A good podcast can be the perfect introduction to a new subject, with the ability to bring together facts, opinions, stories, interviews and much more.

So how can you get started with podcasting?

1. Decide On Your Format

Are you looking to tell stories, share news or provide advice in your podcast? Are you aiming it at a general audience, or a specific demographic? Understanding the format of your podcast and who your audience is will help you tailor your content and make it as engaging as possible.

2. Choose Your Platform

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Where will you host your podcast? Podcasts can be hosted on your own website, or on a platform like SoundCloud, which provides the necessary tools for publishing, sharing and streaming podcasts.

3. Record Your Content

It's time to get recording. Decide what equipment you need, such as microphones, sound mixers, and audio editing software. Research the best techniques for creating quality audio and engaging content.

4. Publish & Share

Once you have recorded your audio and it’s ready to go, you can publish your podcast to your platform of choice. This will make it available to stream online, and you can also share it with friends, family and colleagues.

5. Market Your Podcast

Ensure your podcast is heard by the right people by researching different marketing techniques. Share it on various platforms and in various communities, to drive more listeners and subscribers your way.

Podcasting is a great way to engage with and inspire an ever-growing audience. Whether you’re looking to provide information and education, or just to entertain and share stories, it’s a great way to connect with a wider audience and make an impact.