What does Guest interview mean in marketing terminology?

Guest interview

A guest interview is a method of interviewing a person that holds some form of expertise in a certain area, allowing a presenter of a show, podcast or other media format to access knowledge within a field that they may not necessarily have. In this way, guest interviews feature people speaking on topics they are familiar with, and provide audience members with an insight into their area of specialism.

A guest interview will generally one of two formats; the presenter of the show questioning the guest in face-to-face format; which is seen more often on traditional television, or via an audio call, which is the format most often seen on podcasts and other digital media platforms.

It is important for the presenter to ensure that the questions asked are appropriate for the platform that the interview is being conducted on, that the guest is comfortable and speaking in terms that the intended audience will understand. It is also critical to plan the interview in advance, so that the conversation remains focused and relevant. This can be done by outlining questions and topics that will be discussed ahead of time, and agreeing them with the guest beforehand.

Preparing for the interview is key; research the guest and any topics or stories to be discussed, and have some interesting questions to prompt conversation. You should bear in mind the intended audience and make sure that the conversation is relevant to them, that they can relate to it, and they will find it of interest. You should also pay attention to the time constraints that you have, and ensure that the questions asked are answered with answers of relevance within the time you have.

It is necessary for the presenter to be aware of the general interview style, and how to keep the conversation flowing in the most natural way. The presenter needs to be mindful to ensure that the guest has the chance to answer any questions posed, and to interpret this response in their own words, if needed, so that the intended audience can follow the conversation.

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During the interview, the presenter should make every effort to ensure that the guest is given the platform to speak uninterrupted, and that the pacing of the conversation is comfortable for both the presenter and the guest. The presenter should try to make some pauses throughout the discussion, as this is useful for the audience to understand the context of the conversation, and make any relevant points to it.

In addition to the interviewee‘s body language, the presenter should pay attention to any non-verbal cues that their guest may communicate during the discussion, as they can provide important information and clues as to the guest’s feelings and attitude towards the topic at hand.

The presenter should also provide verbal cues, ideally with a summary of what has been discussed, before closing the interview. This is to ensure that the audience has absorbed the key information from the discussion, and that the presenter has satisfied the aims of the interview.

It is important to consider a few points at the end of the interview, as these are a key part of the process. Firstly, thank the guest for their time and contributions, and make an effort to remain polite and appreciative throughout the conversation. Secondly, enquire whether they require any additional information or resources to answer any questions that may have arose during the interview. Lastly, reflect on the conversation and the outcomes of it, and summarise what has been discussed and the contribution of the guest.

Finally, a guest interview is a great opportunity for a presenter to gain specialist knowledge or insight into a subject that may be alien to them. To ensure the best results for both the presenter and their audience, planning and research should take place to ensure that the most relevant topics are discussed, and that the guest is given a platform to communicate their ideas in the most effective way. With these general guidelines and best practices in mind, you can ensure that your next guest interview ends in success.