What does Persona mean in marketing terminology?


A customer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer. It serves as a tool to help your business understand who they are selling to and how best to market to them. It can be used to develop effective campaigns, decide which channels to use, create content, and shape your product.

When creating your customer persona, it can be useful to consider it as a template that requires filling in with relevant data. The main elements of a customer persona are: demographic information, goals, challenges, values, and preferred channels.

Demographic information is the basic information about who your customer persona is. This typically includes their gender, age, location, income, and family type. It is important to consider what resonates specifically with this persona, as this is the basis for all other marketing efforts.

The goals section considers the motivation behind the customer persona’s actions. This could be why they are looking for your product or service, what their buying behaviour is, and where their focus lies. Knowing their goals will help your business to better understand their wishes and target them accordingly.

The challenges section explores any issues that may make it difficult for the customer persona to purchase your product or service. This could be competitive issues, budget constraints, or reliability.

Values are central to your customer persona. What do they stand for, what kind of lifestyle do they lead? Understanding the values they hold will help you to create marketing materials that are both useful to them and promote your product or service.

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Finally, what channels do they prefer? Are they more likely to engage with your product or service via YouTube, Instagram, email, or an app? Knowing this information will help you create content that resonates with them.

Creating a customer persona template means that you can quickly and easily capture the essential elements of your target market. This can save time and resources by eliminating guesswork when marketing to them.

When developing a customer persona, it is worth gathering as much data as possible. This can be facilitated through customer surveys, user interviews, focus groups, and session recordings. Your business should aim to have a clear idea of what their customer persona looks and acts like.

Once the customer persona data has been gathered, it is important to use it to create effective campaigns and target the right customers. This could be done through segmentation, based on the demographic, goals, challenges, values, and preferred channels. Once the segmentation has been done, content or messages can be tailored to the customer persona, which may result in higher engagement.

In terms of best practices when creating customer personas, it is important to research thoroughly, including industry and customer trends, to ensure the accuracy of the persona. It is also worth running regular checks to ensure the customer persona remains up to date and relevant. Additionally, it is beneficial to review customer profiles regularly to identify any gaps in understanding or changes in behaviour.


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