What does Ultimate user mean in marketing terminology?

Ultimate user

An ultimate user (sometimes also referred to as an ‘ultimate user experience’) is a type of user-experience approach which seeks to provide the best overall experience for a user on a given platform, often a website. It is generally met when all of the design, usability and marketing aspects of the platform have been perfected to create a flawless experience that is unrivalled by any rival platform.

Ultimate users seek to make the user experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. This is done by factoring in all of the elements involved in a user’s journey from the first point of contact with the platform, through the entire lifecycle, and ultimately through completion of the task.


Understanding the overall look and feel of the platform is crucial to creating an ultimate user experience. This starts with the aesthetics of the design – the colour scheme, fonts and images used should be carefully considered to ensure that the overall result is aesthetically pleasing. It is essential to ensure consistency in the design elements across all pages so that the user can navigate the platform with ease.


Usability is the measure of how easy a platform is to use. A good user experience therefore requires an intuitive platform that allows users to navigate without having to think too hard. This means that elements such as website structure, content hierarchy, navigation options, layout and forms should all be carefully considered.


The marketing aspect of user experience typically includes the layout of content and adverts, the type of content featured, the way products or services are presented and the overall message or branding of the platform. It is vital that the content and communication is consistent throughout the user journey and that all objectives are clearly defined and adhered to.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines should be taken into consideration when trying to achieve an ultimate user experience:

• Understand the user personas – It is essential to have a clear understanding of the user personas you are targeting in order to ensure the platform meets the needs and expectations of these users.

• Define objectives – Having a set of objectives and ensuring these are kept in mind throughout the process is crucial for maintaining focus.

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• Research and understand user journeys – Researching and understanding user behaviour, both on and off the platform, will aid in developing the right structure and content – content should be tailored to each user persona’s needs.

• Test and evaluate – Testing platforms with a variety of users and evaluating the results will provide invaluable insights into user experience.

• Stay up to date – As analytics and user behaviour evolves, it’s important to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices when it comes to user experience.

Best Practices

In order to achieve the ‘ultimate user’ experience, it’s important to adhere to the following best practices:

• Design for users – Design elements should be tailored to user needs and preferences rather than for aesthetic reasons.

• Prioritise usability – Above all else, usability is the most important element. The platform should allow users to navigate quickly and easily from page to page.

• Avoid dense text blocks – Long paragraphs, while they may contain all the necessary information, can put users off or cause them to be overwhelmed. Consider using bullet points and images / videos to break up the content, making it easier to digest.

• Focus on education – Content should be seen as an opportunity to educate users and build a sense of trust and brand loyalty. Use the platform to explain how products work, and answer questions users may have about your service or offer.

• Utilise user feedback – Listen to user feedback, and take it into account when considering changes to the user experience.

• Stay consistent – Consistency is key when striving for an ultimate user experience. Ensure that all elements of the user journey from page structure to content and design are consistent, wherever possible.