What does New visitor mean in marketing terminology?

New visitor

A new visitor to a website can be described as an absolutely fresh website visitor - somebody who has never been on the website before. As any online business understands, new visitors to their website represent potential opportunities for conversion, whether that is sales, appointments, leads, or subscribing to a newsletter. As such, reaching out to new visitors and ensuring they have positive experiences when they visit is essential for success.

When a new visitor lands on a website, they will leave a completely unique impression of the company based on the user experience they have on the website. It's therefore critical that the website is designed to provide the best possible user experience, as this should in turn encourage the new visitor to stay and potentially convert.

The best practice for creating positive experiences for new website visitors is to think strategically, rather than just focusing on design. Having strategic objectives in place that fit the goals of the business, and a clearly defined message, will help ensure the design of the website is effective in delivering these objectives. This means looking at how visitors will navigate through the website, what actions they need to take, where important elements are located, and how all these things can be logically navigated.

When designing to provide a positive experience for new website visitors, it’s important to make sure the design does not detract from the overall visitor experience. Web elements such as animations, pop-ups, or video streaming should be placed sensibly and should not make the website slower. In addition, navigational elements should be easy to locate, making sure it’s easy for visitors to navigate the website quickly and intuitively. It's also important to think about how the website looks on different devices, as this will influence how many visitors are willing to stay.

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Optimising the user experience for a website is even more important when targeting new visitors, as it’s often the first time they have been exposed to a brand. Website elements such as offers, calls-to-action, and reviews should be emphasised to give new visitors a strong insight into the company, and should be displayed prominently in an intuitive way.

It is also important to provide a concise view of the company’s offerings quickly and clearly, without the visitor needing to do extra research. This may include providing a summary on the website’s homepage, as well as key facts about the company and its service offerings. Creating strong CTAs {Calls-to-Action} is also important for new visitors, as this helps ensure the website can be easily understood, and that the new visitor knows what the next step is.

In addition, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices should be in place so that potential new visitors can find the website easily. Optimising the content, including titles and alt-text, should be performed regularly to make sure the website can be easily found.

All of these elements are essential for creating positive experiences for new visitors, as it helps to ensure that visitors stay on the website, can easily find the information they’re looking for, and are well-informed about the brand. An effective user experience for new visitors should ultimately result in increased conversion rates and higher levels of customer satisfaction.