What does Copyscape mean in marketing terminology?


Copyscape is an online tool designed to help website owners and content creators protect their work from plagiarism. It is a web-based program that checks for copied material found on the Internet, checking for plagiarised content.

In today's digital age, the internet has become a playground for copyright infringement. Unfortunately, there are people out there who seek to take content from other websites, claiming it as their own without permission or recognition to the original author. This can be damaging to any form of online business. In order to protect your website or online business from plagiarism, Copyscape seeks to detect plagiarism and keep your website protected.

When using Copyscape, you enter a URL address into the Copyscape search box and it immediately starts the process of searching the internet to check whether or not the content on the website has been taken from another source. Copyscape then returns a list of results to show which webpages or sites have used the same content, in order to determine whether or not the content has been plagiarised.

In addition to activities such as plagiarism detection, Copyscape also provides an array of features which include, but are not limited to: a plagiarism report, a database of already-checked webpages, an exclusive Copyscape premium plugin for WordPress, Copyscape Premium to detect more in-depth plagiarism, Copyscape branding to mark your content, and Copyscape AdSense ads to monetize your website.

General Copyscape Guideline & Best Practices

1. Check for Plagiarism Prior to Publishing Content: It is best practice to regularly check for plagiarism prior to publishing new content. Copyscape will search the internet for any possible copied content in order to ensure content is original and has not been plagiarised.

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2. Monitor Your Copyscape Account Regularly: Regularly monitoring your Copyscape account will help to identify any websites that have possible copied content.

3. Use Copyscape to Check Content from External Sources: Copyscape can also be used to check content from external sources, such as guest posts or freelancer work. Regularly checking for plagiarism is recommended for any content that has not been created by you.

4. Use Copyscape to Monitor Your Website or Blog: It is important to keep an eye on the content of your own website or blog. With Copyscape you can regularly check the content to ensure it is original and has not been copied without permission.

5. Use Copyscape’s Other Features: There are also other features available with Copyscape, such as Copyscape Premium, Copyscape Branding and Copyscape AdSense Ads. These additional features can help protect, brand and monetize your website or blog.

Using Copyscape ensures website owners and content creators can easily protect their work from plagiarism, and ensure their work is not copied without permission. Although it can be an effective tool, it is important to remember to use it regularly, along with other best practices. By following these guidelines, your website can be safe from plagiarism.