What does Doorway page mean in marketing terminology?

Doorway page

A doorway page is a type of website or web page that is specifically designed to increase search engine visibility or ranking. It is a tactic used by web designers and marketers to boost the search engine rankings of a certain website. The main purpose of creating a doorway page is to generate more leads, drive more traffic, and make a website more visible in the search results.

A doorway page acts like a gateway or a landing page, linking visitors to a relevant website, or providing visitors a form to submit queries or contact information. The main purpose of doorways pages is to attract and drive attention to a target website in search engine results.

Usually, these pages are designed using a combination of keywords, meta tags, as well as content written specifically for the page. This content is submitted to search engines in order to generate higher visibility for the target website. The content should be relevant and related to the target website so that the search engine can accurately rank the page for the target keywords.

When creating a doorway page, web designers and marketers should adhere to the following general guidelines:

1. The content of the doorway page should be original and relevant to the target website, and it should not be copied from another website.

2. The page should not be used to deceive search engine robots, such as through the use of hidden text or malicious coding.

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3. The doorway page should not contain any extraneous content, such as adverts, pop-ups, or automatically redirecting content.

4. The doorway page should always include a link back to the target website.

5. The content should be written with the search engine algorithms and visitor readability in mind.

6. Doorway pages should be created with the intention of providing a better user-experience, not just generating more leads or increase search engine rankings.

It is important to remember that creating doorway pages is not a ‘quick fix’ solution. It is a tactic best incorporated into a comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Too many doorway pages may potentially be viewed as a spam tactic and search engine algorithms may penalise the target website for it.

Approaching doorway page development in the right way requires web designers and marketers to combine relevant and interesting content with effective SEO strategies in order to properly optimise web pages for better search engine rankings. The best practices for creating doorway pages are to carefully research the target website, generate ideas for relevant content, and include keyword-rich meta tags and description. Furthermore, it is essential to ensure that the doorway page contains a clear link to the target website.