What does TrackBack mean in marketing terminology?


TrackBack is a form of online communication that allows people to keep track of conversations and discussions being held about specific subjects and topics. It works by using a two-way link between different websites. Once someone has posted a comment (or “pinged” another website) a trackback notification will be sent to the originator of the comment, allowing them to create a link back to the website they've posted from. This link will indicate when a comment is made on a different website and allows the author to find out what other people are saying about their website, topic, product or service.

In general, TrackBack serves as a “back and forth” communication between different websites, which helps to increase recognition for both parties involved. It allows two or more websites to easily find out when a comment has been made about their products or services. TrackBack is especially useful for blog commentators, who often post comments on blogs and websites other than their own. It also helps to keep track of conversations being discussed on discussion boards and forums, allowing readers to go back and reference the comment if needed.

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The general guidelines for using TrackBack include ensuring that the comment or “ping” was created with the author’s permission before sending out a trackback notification. Additionally, it’s important to ensure that the comment was not created in violation of any website’s terms of use. Lastly, it’s important to remember that TrackBack is not a replacement for leading a discussion with the commenter. TrackBack is only effective when used in addition to regular conversation on a website or blog.

The best practices for using TrackBack include creating interesting content that provides real value to the reader and can help to draw interest to the commenter’s website. Additionally, it is important to create meaningful comments that will add to the discussion and people will be interested in discussing further. Furthermore, readers should be allowed to comment on the author’s website if the author’s content was interesting or helpful. Lastly, readers should be encouraged to remain active on the website and provide feedback for posts or write articles that contain links back to the author’s website.