What does Online press room mean in marketing terminology?

Online press room

An online press room, sometimes called a virtual press room or media room, is a section of a company’s website where journalists, influencers and members of the public can find information about the company and its products.

Generally speaking, an online press room is designed to make it easier for journalists, influencers, and industry commentators to access the latest information about the company. It should contain all the key facts, figures, and materials needed to write a knowledgeable article or an informed blog post. It should also provide easy access to images and videos, as well as to contact information.

A great online press room should have multiple features and areas. Here we will look at what these should be, what content to include, and the best practices for using an online press room.

Getting Started

Just like any other page on your company website, the online press room should be easy to find, either being linked to from the homepage or being a direct link in emails sent out when reaching out to the press. Making sure the press room can be found easily is key to ensure that journalists, influencers, and other press are able to easily access the facts, figures and materials they need without having to spend too much time looking.

What Content to Include

When deciding what content to put in the press room, think of it as a one-stop shop for everything the press may need to know about the company. For example, every press room should have an 'About Us' area, detailing who the company is, what their core values are and the story of how the company was founded.

You should also include fact sheets on the key products, services and people in your company, such as one-sheets, contact information and photos. In addition, make sure to provide the press with recent news coverage on the company and its activities, along with full contact information for the press team.

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Using the Press Room

An online press room should be used to actively engage with the press, providing regular updates about your company’s latest news and products, along with press releases and other materials. You should also make sure to include a sign-up page so that press can easily opt-in to receive updates.

You should also make sure to provide easy access to recent press coverage, as well as link to articles, videos and podcasts where the company has been mentioned. This will remind the press of the company’s presence in the media and potentially generate new press coverage.

Creating and Updating Your Press Room

When creating and updating your press room, it should include content that’s optimized for SEO. Make sure to use relevant keywords and phrases, as this will help journalists and industry commentators more easily find the press room in the search engines.

It’s also important to give the press room a makeover regularly so it looks and feels fresh. This can include adding new photographs, changing the design and layout, and writing blog posts to give the press room a more up-to-date look and feel.

Finally, for an online press room to be successful, it must be constantly maintained and managed. This includes regularly monitoring media coverage and social media channels in order to ensure the press room remains relevant and accurate.