What does Netiquette mean in marketing terminology?


Netiquette, short for 'network etiquette', refers to etiquette guidelines for the internet. It's the way in which people communicate and behave across the internet, such as in emails, message boards, social networking sites and chatrooms.

Netiquette, much like general etiquette, is designed to help people interact and communicate more effectively online without offending, bothering, or inconveniencing each other.

In the most basic sense, netiquette is about making sure that you treat other people online in the same way that you would want to be treated. Netiquette helps to ensure that online interactions remain pleasant and respectful, and avoids making other people feel uncomfortable, offended, or disrespected.

One of the simplest but most important rules of netiquette is to be polite and courteous. Common courtesy is still a key principle in online communication – remember to use polite language and never write anything that could be deemed offensive, threatening, or rude.

But netiquette is more than just being nice. It also covers other aspects of online communication, such as writing style and formatting, handling disagreements, and respecting other people's time and space. Here are some of the main guidelines and best practices to keep in mind:

Writing Style

• Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. This includes capitalization and avoiding the use of all-caps, which is universally interpreted as SHOUTING.

• Try to use shorter, simpler sentences. This makes it easier for readers to understand your meaning.

• Stick to a single subject for each message. Don't flood people with multiple messages about different topics.

• Don't write messages that are overly long. Keep your messages concise and focused on the topic at hand.

• Avoid the use of slang, abbreviations, and text speak (e.g. ‘u' instead of ‘you').

• Avoid the use of emoticons (smiley faces, etc).


• Remain calm and polite even if you passionately disagree with someone.

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• Try to remain on topic and stick to the facts.

• Listen to and respect the other person's viewpoint.

• Don't make personal attacks; focus only on the issue at hand.

Respecting Others

• Don't spam other users, either by sending multiple unsolicited messages or by advertising products or services.

• Respect other people's privacy. Don't share personal information without their permission.

• Don't make assumptions; stay inquisitive and ask questions to clarify any misunderstandings.

• Don't hijack conversations by going off-topic or by dominating the conversation.

• Be aware of the tone of your message. Different meanings can be misinterpreted when they are written out rather than spoken.

• Don't be hasty in responding; take time to consider your responses carefully before sending them.

• Don't make demands or give orders, and don't push people into making decisions.

• Be mindful of other people's time. Don't expect immediate responses or reply to all of your messages as soon as possible.

Netiquette is all about being considerate and respectful of other people's time and opinions, and being aware of the expectations and considerations for good online communication. Following the above guidelines and best practices can help you to make sure that your online interactions remain pleasant and constructive.