What does Map Pack mean in marketing terminology?

Map Pack

Google Map Pack is a set of local search results that appear on Google’s first page whenever someone searches for local businesses, services or products. It prominently displays a listing of local businesses related to the search query, all of which are marked on Google Maps.

When someone searches using Google, typically the first page is divided into two main areas, organic search results and the Google Map Pack. The Map Pack appears first and usually consists of three entries, although it can sometimes contain more than three map listings. Each of the map listings contains a business's name, address, phone number, and most importantly, a Google Maps snippet.

When local businesses appear in Google’s Map Pack, they benefit from high visibility and an improved opportunity to get noticed by their target audience. This visibility often means an increase in website traffic, more leads, and more sales for the business.

To appear in the Map Pack, businesses must create a free Google My Business account and claim their business listing. Once the listing is claimed, it must be optimised to increase visibility and rankings and improve the user experience.

Google My Business Optimisation

To have the best chance of appearing in the Map Pack, businesses should follow the guidelines set out by Google to ensure their My Business listing is optimised properly. The following are the most important of these guidelines:

• Use a consistent business name, address and phone number across all directories.

• Keep the business listing up-to-date and include accurate information about your business, including opening hours and types of services/ products offered.

• Update your business profile image regularly.

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• Respond to online reviews promptly and professionally.

• Answer customer questions about your business on your Google My Business account.

• Add photos of your business to keep your listing up to date.

• Include relevant keywords in your business profile.

• Use the Google Posts feature to create engaging content and share important updates, such as special offers and announcements.

• Add relevant categories to your listing to increase its visibility.

• Link your Google My Business profile to your website, as well as other social media accounts.

It is essential to use all of these techniques to optimise and enhance visibility of your business profile because if your business fails to compete with other local businesses, it will get lost in the mix. Additionally, it's important to monitor your listing and analyse the performance of your Google My Business account to effectively measure success and adjust your strategy accordingly.