What does House list mean in marketing terminology?

House list

A house list is a collection of contact details and other elements related to an individual or organisation. House Lists can include customer information such as customer name, address, contact information, company details, hobbies and interests, and any other vital information about the customer. This information can then be used to carry out targeted marketing or communication campaigns.


House lists are a valuable insurance policy against losing vital contact information and have several potential uses. This can include sending out customer newsletters and other customer-related communications, promotional e-mails and campaigns, regular customer surveys, the distribution of specialist offers and discounts, targeting specific customer segments and groupings with customised communications, customer retention, and customer loyalty campaigns.


The advantages of having a house list are numerous. The most important elements are customer insights, contact accuracy, and speed of action.

Customer Insights

House lists allow companies to have detailed information about their customer base in one secure, centralised location. They can provide valuable customer insights about personalities, likes and dislikes, buying patterns, and demographic data that can be used to produce customer-targeted communications and allow companies to build personal relationships with their customers.

Contact Accuracy

House lists also provide accuracy when it comes to sending out e-mails and other customer-related communications. Companies can make sure that they are communicating with the right customers by cross-referencing the contact details in their house list with the customer profiles they have on file.

Speed of Action

A house list also allows the company to act quickly and efficiently when sending out emails or other customer-related communications. With a house list in place, companies can send out customer emails or surveys within seconds or minutes after receiving customer data.

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Best Practices

When creating and managing a house list, there are some best practices that should be followed.

Data Quality

The quality of the data contained in a house list is incredibly important. Companies should ensure that all contact details are correct, up to date, and that the customer data contained in the house list is complete and accurate.

Data Security

Data security is also paramount when it comes to creating and managing a house list. Companies should make sure that the list is kept secure and that access to it is strictly restricted. This means that no one should be able to access the house list unless they have been granted permission to do so.

Data Storage

Ensuring that the house list is kept in an appropriate and secure place is also important. Companies should ensure that the data is stored in a secure cloud platform or server with the appropriate levels of encryption and security protocols in place.

Data Management

Finally, companies should be sure to manage their house list properly. This includes regularly reviewing, updating, and deleting outdated data. Companies should also make sure that all customer data is kept up to date and accurate. This will help to ensure that all communications with customers remain targeted and appropriate.