What does Hard sell mean in marketing terminology?

Hard sell

Hard sell is a term that is commonly used in marketing and often used to describe aggressive forms of sales tactics. It is a form of persuasion designed to influence a person to make an immediate buying decision by using various techniques such as pushing a particular product, discounting a product or service, pushing the customer to purchase the product or services or making exaggerated claims or statements.

In short, hard sell is a process of persuading customers through aggressive marketing techniques which can leave customers feeling overwhelmed and put off. However, hard sell techniques can also be successful in selling a product or service if done right.

Hard sell tactics are most commonly used by salespeople in a business setting such as a car dealership or a store, however they can also be used in a variety of other marketing efforts such as radio and television advertisements, internet marketing or direct mail.

Hard sell tactics can be a powerful tool for driving sales and gaining customers, but it’s important to use the correct tactics with care. Hard sell sales tactics are most effective when used in moderation and in combination with more strategic, personalized sales approaches.

When using hard sell tactics, it’s important to be aware of the customer’s needs and make sure you are addressing them. Make sure that you are not pushing the customer to buy something before they’re ready and you should focus on adding real value. Try to aim for an end result that is beneficial to both you and the customer.

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When creating hard sell tactics, it’s important to use language that will grab the customer’s attention quickly. This could include statements or terms such as “hurry”, “special offer”, “limited time” or “last chance”. Be sure to not be too aggressive or pushy in your approaches as this could put customers off.

It’s also important to use personalised experiences and make sure that you are offering the customer a unique, tailored experience. Customers appreciate feeling like they have a personal connection to your business or product and being treated like an individual is a great way to foster this.

When crafting hard sell tactics, it’s important to offer something of value and make sure the customer feels like they are getting something extra for buying. Offering discounts, promotional offers or add-ons for buying a particular product can be a great way to create a sense of value and encourage customers to buy.

It’s also important to use a range of other tactics and take into consideration all of the other elements of successful sales that are not directly sales-focused. These could include providing valuable advice, developing relationships, and other tactics such as content marketing or social media presence.


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"The belief that sales is slimy, slick, and sleazy has less to do with the nature of the activity itself than with the long-reigning but fast-fading conditions in which selling has often taken place. The balance has shifted."

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