What does CSS mean in marketing terminology?


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets and it is a design language used to control the way web pages look. It was developed in the late 1990s and is now used by all web developers.

CSS is a language used to describe the way HTML elements are presented on a page. It gives web developers the ability to control a page’s layout, design, and behaviour. Using a combination of HTML and CSS, developers can create any kind of website - from basic static pages to complex interactive applications.

CSS works by linking the code in an HTML document to the code in a style sheet. Using cascading rules, the code used in a style sheet is applied to the document. This allows the code to be applied to multiple elements in the document, making it much easier to control the layout, design, and behaviour of a web page or application.

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CSS uses a system of ‘selectors’ which are used to identify the elements in an HTML document that need to be affected by a specific style rule. Selectors identify any element, based on its tag name, class name, ID, or any combination of these. Once an element has been identified, a style rule is applied to it.

A style rule is comprised of two main parts - a declaration block and a selector. The declaration block contains the actual style rules that are to be applied to the element. The selector identifies which element in the HTML document the style rule should be applied to.